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  • MsDeameanors, a novel of the Seventies.  Set afire by the new women's movement, Jennifer Renfree leaves her husband and daughter to explore  exciting possibilities at the California State Capitol.  Unprepared for the temptations of powerful men, singles clubs, hippie communes, and radical women like Gloria Steinem, will Jennifer find her own way?

  • The Dolphin Papers - Dr Al Waller, an eccentric marine biologist isolated on the San Diego coast, saves an unborn infant by adapting her to water. With a dolphin as her only companion, Mara thrives, yet he cannot disclose what he's done. How long can he hide this miracle child? What will become of Mara, once discovered?  Dolphin Papers was a finalist for the Eric Hoffer award. 

    Like the classic Frankenstein, this modern/gothic suspense novel explores important issues: What are the ethical limits of science? Could future humans adapt to the ocean? The US Review of Books  
  • Cry Dance - What if you believed there is no death? Blonde, talented, singer Lorinda LeClair has reason to believe that. But when she leaves her Sierra Mountains and Paiute Reservation friends, L.A. spins her life around, and her first love, Richard, is deployed to the Iraq war mistakenly believing she has betrayed him. She will do anything to set him straight, even fly to Baghdad. What happens there tests her beliefs beyond imagining. Cry Dance won the Sharp Writ Book Award  (a Mensa choice).  
  • First Love Last - Helen Bonner's late-life memoir. A love story punctuated with wisdom from the ages.
  • The Laid Daughter: A True Story - What does a little girl remember about incest? What does a father do to forget? Can the secret stay hidden? This riveting story reveals the nightmare of sexual slavery and the healing power of truth!
  Short stories:

Minus 30, To The Lake, Anthology, Loonfeather Press, Bemidji MN, l996
Canyons, Dust & Fire, l995
Eagle Walk, Dust & Fire, l994
Learning from the FathersDust & Fire, l993
Photographs, Dust & Fire, l992
Man Waking, Thema l992
Learning from the Fathers, Wellspring, l991
Woman Warrior's Cultural Suitcase, Minnesota English Journal, l991
Our Dangerous Love Affair,True Confessions, McFadden, l984
We Never Meant to Hurt Him, True Confessions, McFadden, l984
Roadside Trinity, Writers Forum, U. Of Colorado Press, l981

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